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I agree to the Terms & Conditions

UCF Card Policies

  1. Obtaining a Valencia Downtown ID card – You must be affiliated with the University of Central Florida in order to obtain a UCF card. This includes attending or assignment to the UCF/Valencia Downtown Campus.
  2. Digital Photograph – Your digital photograph will be on the face of your Valencia Downtown Campus card and will be stored in the UCF card database and PeopleSoft.
  3. Inactive Accounts – Funds added to the UCF Card Knight Cash account should be used in full before leaving the University of Central Florida. A Knight Cash account is considered inactive if it has no activity for twelve (12) consecutive months. A $5 monthly inactivity fee will be assessed until 1) the account becomes active or 2) the account balance is reduced to zero and/or the account is closed.
  4. Refunds – Knight Cash refunds are only permitted when students are graduating or withdrawing from the university. Students requesting refunds should visit the UCF Card Services Office and complete a Knight Cash Refund Request Form. Refunds will be issued via a check made payable to the cardholder and will be mailed to the permanent home address on record with the university.

Your ISO #

The ISO # is a semi-random, computer generated, 16 digit number used by many campus systems. This # will appear on the face of your Valencia Downtown ID card. If your Valencia Downtown ID card is lost or stolen, visit to access your Online Account and disable your card to prevent misuse. When you receive a replacement card a new ISO # is generated, and the old ISO # is permanently retired from use.


  1. I understand that lending my Valencia Downtown ID card to another party may be a violation of the Valencia College Student Code of Conduct.
  2. I acknowledge that in the case of an emergency, without my consent, the information contained in this agreement may be released to protect the health and safety of myself and/or others.
  3. I understand any replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged card will cost $15.00 at the time of re-issuance.
  4. I agree that it is the responsibility of the cardholder to maintain activity or to close the account to prevent a loss of funds. Furthermore, I acknowledge and agree that these terms and conditions shall exclusively control and govern the rights between the parties. I also acknowledge and agree that both UCF and Valencia shall have no obligations beyond what is set forth herein.
  5. I certify the information I have provided is correct, and that I have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. I understand that UCF reserves the right to update and change the terms of the agreement at any time.


 I agree to the Terms & Conditions